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Topamax Support

Coping with the Side Effects of Topamax

6/8/13 10:07 pm - acab402 - Topamax Crisis

Before I begin let me tell you alittle about myself... I have been taking Topamax 25mg for 9 years. I also have taken birth control pills on and off for the past 10years. For the past 3 years I have been on birth control faithfully and even though Topamax says it effects birth control I haven't had any problem. Now even though I only take 25mg a day this works for me. I have bad bad bad migraines. I mean I still don't no from what or why, but over the years I have learned what triggers them and I know how to relax to where I don't have to take a sumatriptan to take it away. Topamax does work, but I can't take the side effects no more. I'm going crazy... The mood swings, being so emotional, hair loss, sweaty hands and feet, the main problem is the mood swings!!! My mind never stops!!! I have never in my life felt depressed, but these pills are making me.

I'm coming to you guys to ask how to wean myself off???? I only take 25mg so I don't want to just stop. I don't no if I should do every other day or cut it in half. I don't know and my doctor is stupid. The thing is I been on this pill 9 years faithfully so it is in my system. It's in my blood. I got to get it out... I need it out. Im scared though... What if I get headaches??? I want to have baby too with my husband but I cant until I get these out of my system.... Please help.... Please!!!

Thank you,


3/23/12 07:40 pm - cas26 - Very new to this

So I an very new to this so please bear with me :) so I've been having UNBEARABLE headaches or migraines which ever one it is for about 3 years now, I just turned 18 . I've tried every OTC pain medication you can think of, alleve, advil, tylenol, excedrin and nothing works, the throbbing pain is sometimes numbed. So this is my second day on Topamax well the generic of it, and I'm unsure and kind of worried about what to expect I took 25mg lasr night and all of today I have this akward taste in my mouth I'm not sure if I'm making it up or.... But any advice or words of encouragement...? Thank you -Cass

1/18/12 09:09 pm - kasumipixie - new to topamax and extremely terrified

Hey guys, I'm so glad I found this page because I start taking Topamax tomorrow. Ok I think I should give you a little history.I was diagnosed with Bipolar-2 disorder 4 years ago. As of then I've been taking Epilim,Zyprexa and Cymbalta, Seroquel and Abilify, and now just Seroquel XR. So I start taking Topamax at 25mg tomorrow and from what I've read, I'm absolutely terrified. I rarely sleep at night,I take Seroquel @ around 6 in the evening and I usually dose off at around 5 every morning,I can't take it any earlier than that because it does make me fairly sleepy but I just can't seem to go into sleep mode until hours later. I also tried increasing the dosage but I suffer severe restless leg syndrome, which results in me not falling asleep anyway.I've also picked up a depressing amount weight while being on Zyprexa, hence my Psych prescribed a low dose of Topamax and for it to aide in me falling asleep. Almost all of you have been on Topamax for quite a while now, if you could please advise me on how you think I should take it. I could simply ask my Psych but she has knowledge of it in theory, you guys take it, so you know how the side effects feel. I'm currently a student in university, and I can't allow for anymore memory loss and thinking impairment than I already have.. I don't plan on moving onto a higher dose. Do you think I should take it on alternative days to reduce the side effects? Anyone with any suggestions..please help...I'm afraid I may lose all the sanity I have left in me... Thank you in advance

2/16/11 03:51 pm - hearyoume3 - Itching with Topamax?

I have been on Topamax, well, the generic brand Topiramate 100mg daily for about 4 and a half weeks now for migraines. I have gone through some of the usual side effects: loss of appetite, tingling hands/feet, confusion, and they are beginning to subside for the most part. However, I have noticed that I am starting to itch on my back and on my upper neck around my hairline, especially when I start to work out or increase my movement. I don't believe it is an allergic reaction, since there are no other signs, and I have been on it for over a month now. I have not changed any of my skin care products, or my laundry detergent and I was just wondering if it could be due to Topamax? Has anyone else experienced this with Topamax?

2/4/11 08:47 pm - vasedelalune

Quick question! I was taking 50 mg of topamax and I need to go up to 75, my psych told me that it doesn''t come in 75mg tablets, and told me to take one 50mg tablet and split half of another one. I got my prescription told and I asked the pharmacist if I could split them and she said yes, However, when I took my medicine today, I noticed that the 50mg tablet does not have a score mark, and I always thought that you could only split them if the pill has the score mark. I tried to splitting it anyway with a pill cutter but it came out kind of uneven. I was wondering if any of you guys split your pills like that and it's okay? Does the topamax still effective? Thanks!

11/23/10 06:37 pm - vasedelalune

I took Topamax a year ago for bulimia at 150mg. When my insurance stopped covering it, I stopped taking it. I experienced a lot of memory problems while I was taking it and it never got better after I got off it. Well, I relapsed again, and after trying other ways to recover, I'm once again taking topamax a year later. I'm on 50 mg. I'm really worried though, because I feel like my memory is getting worse and I don't want it to stay this way, it's already bad enough. So my question, for those of you who experienced memory loss on Topamax, did your memory go back the way it was after you stopped it?

8/20/10 01:14 am - chrkya_ler

Hello, I'm Christina. I'm on 200 mg of Topamax and have been on it for 10 months (gradually stepped up from 50 mg start).

I spent the first three weeks of it thinking I was in hell. I pushed my best friend away (then again she turn out to be a poser so who the f*#@ cares), lost 20 lbs from not eating/resting my metabolism, and sleeping more than a crackhead.

I'm now over that general hell and at the point where there is some come and go nauseous moments (rare but rather like morning sickness), LOTS of pins and needles/numb spots (feet, legs, and face - that last one's daily), still a bit of slow weight loss - thankfully I had a LOT to lose and still could lose another 50 lbs. or so happily, hair loss (it falls out by the handful (got a lot of that too so it's not missed much), mood swings are hit or miss. I was a right witch to begin with so it's your call if the meds have made that worse or not. I prefer to think it was life factors and not the meds that caused that thanks.

Prior to starting the meds the migraines were 4 to 6 a week. Sometimes they didn't end. I had gone for 2 weeks with no releif when they put me on them and put me in through ER for pain killers to stop that one.

The migraines were under control until about 2 weeks ago. They've broken through this level. Which always seems to happen. We had held at the 200 mg for just over 6 months. 3 months longer than the 150 mg level that only lasted 3 months. The other doses only lasted a couple weeks. I'm not sure if the doctor is going to increase the dose or try and find something new. I like this one. I know what to expect from it. The effects are the devil I know. They are tolerable compared to the pain. I can function through them. I can't function through the pain from the migraines.

Nice to meet whoever is still here.

4/19/09 12:36 pm - jenarav - topamax for weight loss - Really need HELP

Hi all,

I've been on Topamax for 2 weeks. the Dr put me on 25mg.
You might all think that I'm crazy to take this med. for weightloss reasons. But, since I take effexor, I can not take any other diet pill and I have tried every diet in the book, nothing works. I'm 5'4 and weigh 135, I know that it's not a lot, but for someone who is used to weighing 120lbs and looking good in anything it is a big deal. It makes me really upset to look in the mirror. Part of my uncontrolled eating is the effexor. So that surely can not be helped.
So far, I have horrible side effects, I feel spaced out, my brain feels fogy, I cant really sleep at night, my ears are itching from the inside to the point that I have been sucking on my (I forgot what you call the upper part of the mouth, TOPAMAX, lol) that I made my mouth bleed and I have a bruise. But the itching is better now. My only problem is my brain getting really stupid and slow. I'm also experiencing a little heavy breathing, is this normal?

Could I lose weight on 25mg or is this dosage too low? I was thinking to have my dr raise it to 50mg, but I'm wondering if the side effects get worst with time or better?
I've had no appetite at first, but now, I'm started to get it back, so I'm thinking that I'm not willing to be on this med and eat regularly, I know how to eat well without the meds.

I would appreciate to hear anyones story about weightloss from Topamax and getting off of it. Does the weight come back? (due to crazy appetite ofcourse)

3/8/09 08:10 pm - vasedelalune

Has anyone ever drank vodka while on topamax and have you been okay?  I've been on topamax 125 mg for 6 months for binge eating disorder, but for spring break I'm going to visit some friends. and we are going to a lot of parties so I was wondering if it would be alright for me to drink? Whenever I have drank in the past, I usually just drink around 3-4 shots of vodka..not that much...

10/5/08 12:19 am - tonyb_ishere - No stranger to side effects of Topamax


Folks, after having read a number of posts on this forum, I have come to realize that, 1) I am an antique in age as compared to all others listed here, but, 2) it also appears everyone taking this one medication seems to be experiencing similar symptoms and side effects.  This has compelled me to submit this entry.

I have been off work for a number of months with cluster migraines being one of the culprits.  My neurologist chose to change my medication regimen the first of August to discontinue all prescriptions targeting migraine control and start only Topamax.  The first week was to start at 25mg and continue to titrate at 25mg dosages until I reached 100mg and maintain such dosage through a 3-month trial period and return for re-evaluation in December.

It was not until after having been prescribed this medication that I started my research on the internet .... and as well, experiencing some extremely wild and bizarre side effects.  I must say that I had some of the most horrific dreams I have ever experienced in my lifetime.  Two times awaking from the most vivid dreams of having a stroke that the veins in my neck were protruding, I was sweating profusely, extremely nauseated and completely out of breath.  To say I was frightened would be putting it lightly.

The side effects that many of you have shared of tingling extremities, forgetfulness, fatigue and restlessness are all symptoms I have experienced too.  Uncontrolled nausea was absolutely unbearable for well over the first month.  It is still an everyday issue but not near as severe as when I first started the medication.  Carbonated drinks taste flat, many foods taste different, and as one person mentioned, in most instances, I now prefer room temperature or cool bottled water as opposed to iced tea which I was never without prior to taking this medication.

I have realize that this medication causes mood swings and extreme depression.  At times, however, I find myself unable to combat the power of the depressive moods it seems to create.  So be prepared for that.  On the flip-side, high-stress issues will cause anxiety almost immediately.  I did go to the local health food store and purchase a product named "Valerian", also called "Valerian Root", that can be used for anxiety, but can be used as well as a sleep aide.  So, with Topamax,  you're bombarded on both fronts with either depression or anxiety mood swings.

As of this date I have been taking this medication for approximately two months total.  I can honestly say that headaches, moreover migraines, have been reduced.  So in that regard, the medication has done its job.  However, with the side effects that I've mentioned and those that many of you have recalled, I am not willing to go through the rest of my life dealing with the plethora of these issues just to ward away a headache. 

I have chosen to wean myself from this medication by 25mg increments per week until I am completely Topamax free. At such time, or even before, I will deal with headaches and migraines as I did before and will, if I must, seek another physician who will assist me with a different medication regimen for the future.

I have no idea if this entry has or will help anyone, but I do appreciate those who were willing to share their time as it certainly helped me.  As a new member of this forum I plan to monitor it regularly and if in anyway I can help anyone, please let me know.  Take care and God bless,

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