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new to topamax and extremely terrified

Hey guys, I'm so glad I found this page because I start taking Topamax tomorrow. Ok I think I should give you a little history.I was diagnosed with Bipolar-2 disorder 4 years ago. As of then I've been taking Epilim,Zyprexa and Cymbalta, Seroquel and Abilify, and now just Seroquel XR. So I start taking Topamax at 25mg tomorrow and from what I've read, I'm absolutely terrified. I rarely sleep at night,I take Seroquel @ around 6 in the evening and I usually dose off at around 5 every morning,I can't take it any earlier than that because it does make me fairly sleepy but I just can't seem to go into sleep mode until hours later. I also tried increasing the dosage but I suffer severe restless leg syndrome, which results in me not falling asleep anyway.I've also picked up a depressing amount weight while being on Zyprexa, hence my Psych prescribed a low dose of Topamax and for it to aide in me falling asleep. Almost all of you have been on Topamax for quite a while now, if you could please advise me on how you think I should take it. I could simply ask my Psych but she has knowledge of it in theory, you guys take it, so you know how the side effects feel. I'm currently a student in university, and I can't allow for anymore memory loss and thinking impairment than I already have.. I don't plan on moving onto a higher dose. Do you think I should take it on alternative days to reduce the side effects? Anyone with any suggestions..please help...I'm afraid I may lose all the sanity I have left in me... Thank you in advance
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