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Topamax Support

Coping with the Side Effects of Topamax

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About topamax_support:
After looking around LiveJournal for some good information on Topamax after starting it, I was unable to find some really good information on dealing with the side effects and answers to other questions and concerns I had about the drug, so I started searching around other sites on the internet. I found some information scattered throughout various sites as well as a few good message boards that I thought would be worth linking to from LiveJournal, so I decided I'd create a community specifically to support those who take Topamax to deal with other medical conditions.

Feel free to ask or share anything about life on Topamax here- questions about side effects of Topamax or suggestions of how to cope, funny stories of what you've done as a result of your side effects, links to other message boards, studies or informative sites etc.

Please remember that although we are all being treated with the same drug- Topamax- our medical conditions themselves will vary, especially since Topamax has many "off-label uses" as well. Each of us is struggling with our own conditions in additions to side effects of Topamax. Please treat other members of the community with respect. :)

I hope that you enjoy this space and find help coping with day-to-day life on Topamax.

-being_homeless, community moderator

Off Label Uses of Topamax:
Topamax has many "off label" uses. Not only is it used for migraine prevention and as an adjunctive treatment for epilepsy, but it has also been proven useful for monotherapy treatment for Epilepsy, (when only one anticonvulsant is used), Adjunctive treatment for adults with Bipolar Disorder and children and adolescents with Bipolar Disorder, Monotherapy for Bipolar Disorder, Cluster headaches, Eating Disorders, Vanity Dieting, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Alcoholism, Sleep Apnea, sleep/eating disorders, Autism, and Healing old external scars (such as from self-injury). (for more info or studies on these uses, see crazymeds.org or google topamax + whatever use you are interested in and you may be able to find more info).

Other Informative Websites:
crazymeds.org- an excellent site for those dealing with Epilepsy or Mental Illness. The site includes all sorts of information on psychiatric medications, including Topamax, a message board and chat room.

braintalk.org- another excellent site with message boards on dozens of neurological topics. If you can't find an answer to your question here, chances are high that someone there will know the answer you are looking for.

epilepsy.com- if you are on Topamax for Epilepsy, this site is great if you are looking for basic information on a variety of topics. They also have message boards.

topamax.com- Official Topamax for Migraine Website

topamax-epilepsy.com- Official Topamax for Epilepsy Website

Other LiveJournal Communities you may find of interest:
Epilepsy Communities

Migraine Communities

Bipolar Disorder Communities

Eating Disorders


No Insurance? Can't afford your Topamax? Ask your doctor about needymeds. Print this application and bring it to your PCP/neurologist and you may be able to qualify for free or low-cost meds through the Ortho-McNeil Patient Assistance Program.

from Topamax.com:
Serious risks associated with TOPAMAX include increased eye pressure (glaucoma), decreased sweating, increased body temperature, kidney stones, sleepiness, dizziness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. Tell your doctor immediately if you have blurred vision or eye pain.
More common side effects in adults are nervousness, coordination problems, fatigue, speech problems, slowed thinking, memory difficulty, tingling in arms and legs, and double vision; and in children, fatigue, loss of appetite, nervousness, memory difficulty, aggressive behavior, and weight loss. Your doctor may do simple blood tests to check for changes in electrolytes. Tell your doctor about other medications you take.

Please see the full prescribing information
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